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  1. Hello,

    I’m Gauthier, from La Rochelle.

    I’d read some text on your movie on Iboga.

    Initiations to Iboga seem very promising, and after multiple information, it is still a little fuzzy to me, and I need some additional information.

    I would like to know if you still have contact for ? …

    Thank you in advance for your attention to my letter.


    Gauthier BUISINE.

  2. My name is Mel Agace and I am documentary producer looking for crew for a documentary I am producing. I need a cinematographer for a project based on the Isle of Bute in the next coming months. I am looking for someone to film and record interviews for the documentary. I got your contact through the shooting people website.

    The Project:
    The project is called ‘Bute, a Living Archive’ a working title, and it is a document of the existing trades of the Bute Islanders, the fisherman’s story, the farmer ’s story, etc….and would involve:
    – Visual documentation of the Island and Island Life – beauty shots
    – Interviews Talking heads

    The Schedule:
    The schedule is not set as its entirely dependent on the interviewees but we imagine that it would be the odd 2 days here and there spread over a few months. That is why we are looking for local talent so access is easier to island and there is some flexibility in filming.

    The Terms:
    We would pay going day rates for filming and expenses of course.

    What we are looking for:
    Someone who lives within striking distance of the Isle of Bute, Glasgow ideally… who has experience of landscape beauty shots and can bring imagination and igenuity to shooting Talking Heads with limited light. We do not want to involve lighting and lots of equipment, I want a shooter who can work with production team in situ within local conditions. We would the documentary to feel like a living poem celebrating islanders and island life, so capturing the beauty and elegance of that is critical for the cinematographer we work with. We are looking for someone who has their own camera and sound equipment.

    If this sounds of interest please let me know.
    If you could send links to some recent work and your contact information with your day rate card that would be fantastic.

  3. David, I am writing from USA. Is your film about Sir Guy Wallace available on DVD ? And in Format for United States. Very much enjoyed what segments I could view. Thanks for your time. Fred

    1. Hi Fred. Sorry for late reply. I’ve not been using this site much. The film has recently had it’s first festival screening and it’ll be a while yet I’m afraid till the full film is available on the internet. Get me on Facebook for latest info!

  4. Well it’s been nearly 20 years and only just rencenlty watched all your documentry,the little criminals and detox and die are amazing do you have any idea what ever happened to Chris,Dennis dl and Sam and dan.

    I’ve watched a lot of heroine documentrys like crackhouse etc but you never know what happens down the line after years pass.

    And are you or have you got anymore documentrys coming soon

    1. Hi Stuart. Yes I do. Got a new one called The End of the Game about my journey to Africa with an eccentric old man on his last big game hunt…and I’m a vegan!
      I haven’t been in touch with those guys for a while but DL is still going in and out of jail on petty wee offences. Chris has a kid but I fear he might still be using. Heard Dennis had some illness so maybe he’s not with us. Ray’s doing ok and Tony the dealer is dead.

  5. Thank you so much for getting back intouch I will have a look at them new ones you have done.they don’t seem to make good docs like back in the day hope your keeping well much love 😀

  6. Hello David..

    Is there a chance to talk to you shortly???
    I am in the same situation like yours in the past..
    I am at the end right now..Totally at the end.. Heroine, Methadone, etc..
    I can’t anymore.. over 20 years..i can’t.. i dont know what to do anymore.
    I live in germany..

    Thank you..

  7. David–I have a novel based on a character whose ibogaine treatment went sideways. I’m about to release a sequel. Wondering if you’re a fiction reader–you might be entertained. I’d be happy to send Kindle copies.

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