About Me

I am very much an auteur documentary filmmaker, which is to say I am continually working towards making a distinctive body of work with content that greatly interests me. That can be realised through character study and/or a scenario that I find gravitas within. I seek poetry within the most innocuous of situations and my subjective approach is quite unique within the field I work.

Poverty, addiction and other social issues have been some of the areas I have rigorously documented through several broadcast films such as the BAFTA nominated Little Criminals, Celtic Media Festival nominated WireBurners, and New York Film Festival winner, Detox or Die. My previous feature film, Iboga Nights, was voted Best UK documentary at the Open City Docs Fest in London (2014).

My latest venture is another feature documentary set between my homeland of Caithness, in the far north Highlands of Scotland, and the African bush. The End of the Game is a compelling character study of a bizarre eccentric preparing to go on his last big game hunt in Mpumalanga. I follow along despite being an animal rights activist and vegan!

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just watched “Detox or Die”….so relevant to our family’s experience with addiction. My 35 yo son is into his 9th year of opiate/ heroin addiction, and is considering ibogaine treatment (after several fails at mainstream rehab therapy). At this time in your life, do you consider ibogaine to be a good option for treatment?

    Thank you for your film and for any advice you might have for us.

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